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Welcome To The Clipping Path India

The clipping path India is the leading graphic designing company in photo editing market. We work for long years with the topic of clipping path and its related services. Isolating of your photo background is really essential when you are focusing your product. It is really an attractive way to convince your clients through product images. Our home made path will ensure to clip your product background. Actually we set a minimum cost level for our clients.
Our path quality is perfect for all sorts of company. Our graphic designers put their best effort to make your path. The clipping path is the outsourcing company which is committed you to provide quality services.  So if you are thinking about quality of clipping path services then the clipping path India is best solution for you. Our clipping path service starts from .40$ only. It is really a reasonable price for our customer. Quality editing is the major factor to us. We never take payment before our client satisfaction.


You can send us test job to check our quality. Already we have client from various country from the world like USA, UK,Australia, Canada and more. You can contact with us any time through mail or cell phone.  You can tell us about your requirement and nature of your job. We will solve your every single problem. We have fastest Ftp server, so that you can download your edited image as early as possible.

Short time around is also benefit for you. We can easily produce2000 to 3000 images each day. We are always making correct path for you through your direction. Our quality controller will ensure your each image quality. You have to send your images through mailing and then we will work of your image. So you will receive your image daily. We also provide your quotation within an hour. You can receive a discount offer when you have volume job.
Clipping path service has the major focus to the clipping path India team. Adobe Photoshop 6 is the main tool for making your image path and masking. We have20,000 square feet office with more than 100 designers who will work on shift basis. Clipping path and image masking is the popular segment between our all services.Monthly payment schedule is also available here.

Our test will ensure our quality of path which is totally free for your satisfaction. Our professional graphic designers can make a single path in 5 minutes.  If you need multi clipping path services then we are here for you. We can make a direction of your photo service also. Our fastest internet will provide your images at time. Our time management system is also suitable for you. Through our out sourcing services you will save your office and employee cost.We are work for your graphic designing services.


What is your benefit?

100% handmade
Placed it minimally 2 pixels inside the object.
Following the natural curves of your object.
Art style and effects for your image

Short turnaround time.
Quality Guarantee
Make Payment only when you satisfied
Urgent Delivery (2h,4h,8h, 12h & 24 hours)

Clipping path Service:
0) Cut out the image.
0) Making the background white.
0) Active Clipping path
0) Neck joint service for clothing items.

Multi Clipping path:
0) Each color of the image.
Image masking:
0) White background, transparent background or different background.
0) Channel mask and alpha channel
0) layer mask in single layer and multi layer.

Web image optimization:
0) Conversion raw to website format.
Photoshop Retouching :
0) Photo Retouching for models.
0) Dust removal for images.

Drop shadow:
0) Natural drop shadow for object.
Mirror effect reflection:
0) Real shadow of an object
Image manipulation:
0) Add or remove object on image


Raster to vector:
0) Raw image to vector conversion image.
0) Low resolution to high resolution.
Color Correction:
0) Color balance and contrast

If you are not happy with our services and want your money back, just ask for a full refund of your money. Our confidence in our ability to produce first class results for you at a reasonably priced price shows in this easy payment structure. It’s a brilliant way for you to enjoy working with us. So Security is also a main factor for this out sourcing job. If you find your finished images in any online plat from then you can also claim for your money back to you. So our main duty is ensure your quality and security.

Clipping path, Masking and Retouching:
Clipping path is a basic graphic designing service to us. Our masking and Retouching are also popular sorts of services. Where clipping only remove the background of your picture, but masking is not only for removing the whole background of your picture. Suppose you have a model picture where you want your model hair without the background then we applied our masking service on those images and if you want to more attractive your image like highlight, color change or remove noise from your photo that is a part on our retouching services. We make so easy method to upload and download your file through our own server. Our payment methods have also suitable for you. You can think us as a part of your office. Our department has allocated for upgrade your service like Clipping path Department, Masking Department, Retouching Department,and Support Department and so on. You can mail us at any time on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About us. For last few years we are successfully make our professional graphic designing team. So The Clipping path is a reliable company of clipping path service provider. Our service category are Clipping path, multi clipping path, Drop shadow, image masking, Photo retouching, image manipulation, raster to vector, color correction and mirror image reflection. Read More

The clipping path India Provides excellent results of your project. When you are completely satisfied, Then make payment to us

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  • Yeap happy with this but the thing is do i get discount on next time? I checked many site that they provide discount for bulk images. . imageMatt HoloyesCEO of PW Junior Graphic Arts
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Our Community Blog

About Clipping Path

Written by S M Rishad  /  Published on Sunday, 15 December 2013

Overview about clipping path:
Clipping path is standard segment of graphics designing. Generally Giant companies are wanted to use particular object without background.  So, they would like to focus on that object to attract their customer. Customer also gets clear idea for that product or services. The Clipping Path India indesign is very creative typed of job for us. The Clipping path India always committed to you for providing high quality of clipping path indesign.


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