Color Correction

Color is the main elements of every image and also color combination is a part of this service. Suppose you have a black t-shirt, now you need white, red, purple and blue color of that image. The clipping path India is really best for doing that. As photograph, you can get only one color sample but we can make it as different sample like other colors. Color correction has two fundamental steps like primary and secondary color reviewing. In the first step we adjust your object colors as a whole. Then we focus on correcting specific issues like removing or adding shadows.

  •     Fixing white balance of Image
  •     Creating visual coherence in balance and right tone
  •     Also Fixing excessive exposure problems
  •     Facial enhancements, Overall color enhancement (clean and bright)
  •     Color replacement or change
  •     Optimization of images for different media

The Clipping path India is an Online photo editing company. Our all professionals are work online for that you can easily get update about your service.  This Company provides Professional Photo Editing, Photo Retouching and color correction service as well. From around the world just send your photos now.

We offer different sort’s photo editing services from background removal, repair, whiten teeth, and skin smoothing, enhancement, color correction and retouching also. We also accept different file types STX, EPS, DNG, PNG, TIFF, JPEG, PSD and MAC OS file type.

  •     No Monthly or Yearly Charges
  •     No Minimum Order
  •     No Credit Buying
  •     No lock in period
  •     Discounts are allowed for bulk images

We have plenty of examples on color correction services. At our tutorial page you also find the way we solve your image problem. We will change your object color as your requirement. So don’t worry about the color tone, we will adjust it for you. Professional graphic designer has a quality experience about all sorts of color correction. You can also provide us test job to know about our performance and experience. We do our most excellent to give you the color correction service from your budget.

The Clipping Path India

We are always committed our clients to provide quality services of photo editing. We have also high qualified and experienced graphic designers who can manage your job by your direction.

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