Image Masking Tutorial

Image masking tutorial by The Clipping path India

There are so many way of masking. It is also known as hair masking. Now The clipping path India will share with you the way of hair masking problem which we solve for you. We follow two method of masking like simple, Intermediate and professional. So it is depend on image that which method we will go for. Follow those easy steps of image masking or hair masking to mask your photo. It is really simple and easy.  
Image masking Tutorial: Basic Hair masking or Basic Image masking.
It is really easy for graphic designer. Just follow this step of basic hair masking to mask your photo. This method is only applicable for few hair or fur of animals. At first open your picture in update version of photoshop.  Now select the Background Eraser tool from the left side of photoshop tool box. Now click ALT to select color which you want in your images. Now rub that tool above the image then the background will remove automatically.  

Image masking tutorial :

Basic Hair Masking  or image masking

At first make Duplicate layer of this image from keyboard (CTRL+J or CMD+J).  Now you have to select quick selection tool to select that particular selection of your image. Drag a ruff selection of from your image. After that selection now click on REFINE EDGES on photoshop. This is at top side on photoshop software. You can select ON WHITE mode to work on it.

Now put Tik on Smart Radius and you have to make Radius between 200 to 250. Which is depend on your images.  Now put a Tik on Decontaminate colors and put it on 100 and use Refine radius tool to remove background from hair and drag the location of hair for masking. We follow this step carefully.

Here is another option which known as adjust edge that means you can adjust your image as your requirement. Feather, Smooth, Contrast and shift edge are also part of it.

Smooth will provide you a blur shape your border and shift edge will give it a clear shape.

On out put section you will find decontaminate color. If you reduce it then you will reduce your image border and if you increase its then you will get more portion of your image.

So we always concentrate on this four section View mode, Edge detection, Adjust edge and Out put.
 Always select Out put to – New Layer With Layer Mask. Go to layer mask and take white brush to make it clearer.

Image masking tutorial two:

Professional hair masking

Now The Clipping path India will introduce with you about professional hair masking. So it is the following steps for professional graphic designers.

Now open your image in photoshop and CTRL+J for duplicate layer. You have to draw a path without the hair. You will get a clear shape of masking.

 Now go to channel which is inside on layers.  Now only select blue and Duplicate Channel then OK.
You have selected the duplicate channel.  Invert your image from Image option and go to Adjustment for select Invert or press [CTRL+I]

Now [Ctrl+L] lighting adjustment. Increase light for which portion you want in your image.  Decreases light for which portion you do not want your images.  Select ok.

For this Level Adjustment- Background will black and object will white. Brush tool to remove dust from object and make sure that your foreground color will white. Just make white them which portion you want in your images.  You are almost done.

Go to Select option of photoshop and select load selection then OK. After that selection you will notice that which portion will stay here.  

Last step: Go to Layer option and layer mask then reveal selection.  Congratulation!! You have done your Image masking and Now go to layer and select Mask Layer. Select brush tool to make it more clear.