Photo Retouching

Photo retouching is also known as photo face retouching. The Clipping Path India is a Bangladesh based graphic studio offering professional digital photo retouching and editing services. Our photoshop services and graphic designing services under fast turn arround time and reasonable price. Our photoshop services range include a variety of photo retouching which like landscape photo, wedding photo, product photo ,portrait photo, event photo and others. In our all type of services, your photo quality will be significantly improved. Photograph worth thousands of words. Most ideal approach to keep your valuable moment lasting is to preserve the photo by our professional retouching work. The Clipping path India works with you to fully understand your ideas and guarantee all customers gets the highest quality solution.

Our photo retouching services include but not limited to:

  •     Exposure, contrast, brightness adjustment and color correction.
  •     Reshape body or figure, improve skin and whiten teeth.
  •     Remove unwanted element from your image
  •     Remove wrinkles, blemishes or other little element.
  •     Clipping path and change background.
  •     Art style and effects for your image.

Our Photo Retouching price starts from US $ 4.50. The clipping path India provides best quality, productivity at reasonable pricing. Now you can upload up to 500 JPEG, TIFF, RAW, PSD etc. at once and get an estimate in 30 minutes. Our turnaround time is 24hrs. Sometimes it also depends on your nature of job.

Photograph worth thousands words. Most ideal approach to keep your valuable moment lasting is to protect the photo by professional retouching work. In our photo editing services, your photo quality will be significantly improved. The Clipping Path India also work with you to fully understand your thoughts and guarantee all customers gets the highest quality solution and service appropriate to their requirements.  

Sending Photo:
Send your photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If you are not sure about that which service to choose the just send your photo and message to us for free quotes. It is simple like UPLOAD- GET QUOTE-DOWNLOAD.

Drop Shadow

Drop shadow is a kind of shadow which makes the image as wonderful as natural look. The clipping path India used highly professional updated photo editing software to create drop shadow file for the purpose of the best quality drop shadow. The drop shadow of the image is defined smooth of natural look. Our graphic designers are skilled and experienced to do the job perfectly. We deliver the drop shadow service through worldwide each and every time. Image shadowing imparts a dimension to flat images that also fashion them intact, vibrant and alive.

The Clipping path India use drop shadow under the image that could be in right or left side potentially depend on the picture dimension. So the dimension of image is very important fact for drop shadow service. When drop shadow service is applied to the object, then the image and the design look more fashionable.

Our Drop shadow Clients:

  •     Web media
  •     Advertisement media
  •     Online marketing
  •     Product photography and promotion

Our drop shadow pricing is start from US 00.50$ .Upload your sample or order to us directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Drop shadow makes an object come into view to be equalized over the rest of the picture by placing a direct shadow behind the picture. Drop shadow service is use to insert a shadow photography effect into a picture. Drop shadows also emphasize emotions and change the concepts to be used in many ways. It is also used to content and makes transparent picture of the file. At times photoshop drop shadow needs to drop on just part of the layer or it's below space. Possibly the shade should drop on the content on just below of the layer but not the layer under of that. Suppose you want to an illusion of depth to your photos to make the foreground object exposed at the viewer. For these sorts of complex drop shadow services you can hire a professional like us. You might pick the size in position, pixels and color of the shadow or just remain it to its suggested default by us.


  •     To enlarging or reduce a drop shadow's blur
  •     To shift an object's drop shadow
  •     Drop shadows behind different shapes of picture
  •     Trim the border of the images
  •     Drop shadows behind Text
  •     Darken the masked areas of an image
  •     Create a realistic drop shadow of an irregular object
  •     Any other addition that required by you
  • Create a realistic drop shadow of an  Irregular object

Raster To Vector Image

A raster graphic is an image which made of hundreds or thousands or millions of tiny squares of color information and referred to as any pixels or dots. Normally pixels refer to color blocks saw on an electronic monitor and dots refer to the ink dots on a printed portion. Although professional designers often use those two terms interchangeably.

This type of file can be large (in terms of KB or MB wanted to store the file) depending on the picture resolution and compression category. Raster programs contain Adobe Photoshop and GIMP. We can use raster programs in a website, app, icon, banner ad, or any other design intended for electronic use.

  •     Raster to Vector conversions
  •     Bitmap to Vector conversions
  •     Jpg to Vector conversions
  •     Image to Vector graphics conversions

Overview of Vector
A vector graphic uses math which helps to draw shapes using points, lines and curves. Whereas a raster image of a 1” x 1” square at 300 dpi will have 300 individuals’ pieces of information then a vector image will only surround four points, one for each corner. The computer will uses math to “connect the dots” and fill up in all of the missing information.

Vector images normally have a smaller file size than raster images of comparable dimensions. Vector images created in various design programs can be saved as .eps files (encapsulated post script). It saves any font, color, or other information with the paths which make up the image. This program includes Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape and Coreldraw.

We must use a vector program in a logo, and we suggest that use this vector programs for any other print drawing contest as well.

Benefit to use Vector:

For large image like picture or poster in a medium resolution, most of the time bitmap image format not fit into a CD-ROM. In that situation the vector file only fills up with a few kilobytes spaces. As a vector picture stands for separate and different objects, it could be possible to re-editing at any time. If you need to develop a bitmap picture then only size can just expand.

So that the image gets rough as you develop them. When you are trying to extend a vector image, processing only re-adjusts those points. Adjusting those vector equation steady also a part of it. So that the object remains smooth however you want to enlarge them.

Mirror Image Reflection

Overview of Mirror image reflection Service:
Mirror image reflection is a photography reflection of an item that seems indistinguishable yet switched. As a visual impact it comes about because of reflection off of substances, for an example a mirror or water. Mirror reflection is a common attractive service for some particular product.

Meanings of Mirror image
Mirror image reflection is a shadow of an object in an image preserves the looks and magnificence of the image. It is a great reflection dependably while taking photographs. Mirror reflection under the objects of photographs and models comes to be more attractive in the today's business. Utilizing some extraordinary apparatuses within Adobe Photoshop we can get your reflection photography back which feels look regular and give an additional profundity and excellence to your pictures. Individuals are considering seeing pictures with their appearance on their books, magazines and websites which particularly for the everyday requiring item of mirror image reflection. The Clipping Path India picture shading administration wraps your requirements depending upon product shaping. The Clipping Path India is pleased to work with a portion of the business heading providers, offering an extent of cutting way administrations that convert images from the standard into the phenomenal. Our gifted agents utilize this strategy to make perfectly rendered item images. Several reflections, regardless of the fact that it’s characteristic, can create a picture look shabby and gaudy.

The Clipping Path India specialist of Mirror image reflection Service
We work nearly with our clients to follow how a picture seems to be utilized and the exact prerequisites for the completed object. Regardless of the fact that a product is caught without a reflection, we can make a stylish and conjoint looking reflect impact or reflection shadow which will help showcase your products in the most ideal way imaginable.

Our professional agents are skilled and experienced with this specific administration and on the grounds. The Clipping Path India is an outsourcing realistic studio and we can give this at a division of the expense accessible in Europe and America. This Mirror image reflection can make your products more attractive.

Color Correction

Color is the main elements of every image and also color combination is a part of this service. Suppose you have a black t-shirt, now you need white, red, purple and blue color of that image. The clipping path India is really best for doing that. As photograph, you can get only one color sample but we can make it as different sample like other colors. Color correction has two fundamental steps like primary and secondary color reviewing. In the first step we adjust your object colors as a whole. Then we focus on correcting specific issues like removing or adding shadows.

  •     Fixing white balance of Image
  •     Creating visual coherence in balance and right tone
  •     Also Fixing excessive exposure problems
  •     Facial enhancements, Overall color enhancement (clean and bright)
  •     Color replacement or change
  •     Optimization of images for different media

The Clipping path India is an Online photo editing company. Our all professionals are work online for that you can easily get update about your service.  This Company provides Professional Photo Editing, Photo Retouching and color correction service as well. From around the world just send your photos now.

We offer different sort’s photo editing services from background removal, repair, whiten teeth, and skin smoothing, enhancement, color correction and retouching also. We also accept different file types STX, EPS, DNG, PNG, TIFF, JPEG, PSD and MAC OS file type.

  •     No Monthly or Yearly Charges
  •     No Minimum Order
  •     No Credit Buying
  •     No lock in period
  •     Discounts are allowed for bulk images

We have plenty of examples on color correction services. At our tutorial page you also find the way we solve your image problem. We will change your object color as your requirement. So don’t worry about the color tone, we will adjust it for you. Professional graphic designer has a quality experience about all sorts of color correction. You can also provide us test job to know about our performance and experience. We do our most excellent to give you the color correction service from your budget.

Optimize Web Images

Web image optimization is a creative job. Cropping, resizing, straightening and saving images as web format is another service of The clipping path India. You can place those images on your website easily. If any image is too large in format, it will take longer to load and as a result impact your search engine ranking. Although too small and the quality could adversely affect to your brand image.

The Clipping Path India has lots of professionals who deal with your jobs most confidently and deliver to you the best expected quality for your images. PNG format is popular for these sorts of services. But you can also tell us that which format is applicable for your web site.

  •     Best web image optimization service by our graphic designers
  •     Guarantee complete client satisfaction.
  •     24/7 online customer service.
  •     Assured of data security and confidentiality of your images.
  •     High quality web image at reasonable cost within deadline.
  •     Allowing clients to change their designs at any time.
  •     Providing high quality image by experts at affordable price.
  •     Fast turnaround time

If you want to reach your ecommerce site then you need bulk of creative image. Proper format and size is most important for this service.  At our web image optimization service

  •     Image Dimensions and Product Angles
  •     Reduce the File Sizes of Your Images
  •     Combination of File format, quality, optimization and color
  •     .jpg, .png (8-bit), .gif Compression

Just tell us your demand, The Clipping path India will work for you. Just send your image to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We make your images website friendly which also develop your google page rank for your website.

Image Manipulation

Image manipulation is the art of changing an image to express what you desire, rather than what the original image may possibly displayed. Taking one part from an image and placing and blending that into another image are known as image manipulation. This is done for deceitfulness and artistic reasons. Photoshop is the most accepted application used for this process.

After the manipulation is done you never realize that the image was creating from two different images. Image manipulation is the performance to edit an image in order to create illusion or deception in images. Photo manipulation can be done through analog and digital technique. Photo manipulation helps to improve the quality of an ordinary image to an extraordinary image. Photo manipulation can be used to create promotional activities for businesses.

Image Manipulation in update technique:

Image dispensation as you go toward to make out is an effort for skilled people. Our improvement for picture treating systems as like as clipping path, image enhancement,  image masking , Image manipulation and so on are outstanding and the techniques we utilize which allow us to bear the maximum steps of information, truthfulness and quick decision timely. After a complete period of time, we are able to supply you excellence deliverance by our professional arrangement, work and dedication into this sector. We have various types of clients and supply them excellent work.

Image Manipulation Method :

Photographers are assumed photos digitally and then drive it into computer. And the printed images might be digitalized. Image manipulation is often more unique than one can think it off. The Clipping Path India supplies all kinds of photo manipulating jobs and we are excusing a few numbers of those. Photo -combination gets a very effective result on your photos, so it is now widely used. Numerous photos are articulated into one photo applying photo manipulation system. Photo coloring is a class of photo manipulation. If you desire for, simply you can add color to a lying older picture; black and white picture come into view while livelier.

How can we assist you to make Image Manipulation?

The Clipping Path INDIA is for all time initiates by an avail policy for your completed Photo manipulation jobs and outline sensible processing requirements. There have highly skilled hands who purely can agree to any kinds of inputs supply through you for image dealing out. They are very well learned providing you an exact idea on your image, what it is required. They also have the improved understanding which you want. The Clipping Path India, well experienced photo editors use their skills to look your statement, and also done what satisfactory to you.

We provide advanced quality Custom Image Manipulation Service with professional graphic designers at very marginal price. We are dedicated to high quality work and brought 100% clients' satisfaction to our international clients.

Image Masking Service

Image masking is also known as photo masking or photo face masking. So photo face masking or image masking is one of the popular photo editing services. When we are remove the background of images which have hair portions or blurred images that is called Image Making services. The clipping path India can extract, eliminate or detach a path from the rest of the image using photo masking technique. We deliver accurate image masking services in volume. The Clipping path INDIA has a team of graphic designing professional who handle a various typed of image processing services like Photo face masking or photo masking. We can ensure your service in short time.

Quality and pricing is our main features of Image Masking services. Although it’s a tricky job for graphic designers, but The Clipping path India finished those in tricky ways. Experience is really a main fact for image masking services. Graphic designers have to decide that in which method they will solve those sorts of masking. There are many way of masking. Its mainly depend on product nature that how we solve this problem with the help of Photoshop tools. Image Masking services starts from US $3.00.

It does not matter that how much difficult your project, The clipping path India is committed to finished your job at equal price range. We have professional Image masking specialists who are really expert on these sorts of job. Now you can send us TEST JOB to check our quality.

We categorized in two ways of masking. One is layer mask and another one is vector mask. Price is also same for those.


  •     100% handmade Image Masking.
  •     Placed it minimally 2 pixels inside the object of masking.
  •     Following the natural curves of your images.
  •     Delivered it on transparent or white background – As your requirement
  •     Delivered in quality arrangement with a layer mask, if the original format allows it.
  •     Layer or Vector masking.
  •     Short turnaround time.

Masking quality and services are most important to us. Layers are usually used in digital image editing to detach different elements of an image. Image masking service also called as layer masking service. Don’t worry about the complexity of your image, just send us test job for your query.  There is various ways to mask your image, at first we have to check your image that in which way we will solve your image problem. Changing background is first job for image masking. White, Transparent or color background is available as your requirement.

      Why choose The Clipping Path India?

  •     Quick turnaround time
  •     Quality Guarantee
  •     No Contracts or Minimums
  •     Payment only when you are satisfied!

Multi Clipping Path Service

Multiple Clipping Path option can create a number of layers in Photoshop which is a modernized version of basic clipping path for images that need to separation of specific parts. There havedifferent demands on clients who can individually change in color level, multiple filling,transform, opacity change, image rotation, change in image sizeand more in multiple clipping paths. Different filters and effects also applied for photo perfection. There have no limitations of possibilities.
There have three styles of multi clipping path which are color separation, object and vector path. We promise you to our value, credibility and final work pleasure.The Clipping Path India is a group of high professional graphics specialists which skilled delivers in high quality handmade Multiple Clipping Path Services to our valuable clients from all around the globe to achieve 100% satisfaction.

Short notes:
Multiple Clipping Paths can individually change in color level, multiple filling, transform, opacity change, image rotation, change in image size and more different activities done.

Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path is usually a victories shape that is utilized as a part of Photoshop to recognize the foundation and subject of a picture. In spite of the fact, that there are numerous way for removing an object from its background. The clipping path India likes to utilize handmade Clipping Paths for our honorable clients. The point when path is connected to a picture, anything inside the way is incorporated and everything outside the way is discarded. Utilization of Clipping Path Service in the photograph business has expanded dramatically. Since the aftereffect of removing a picture from foundation utilizing photoshop, Clipping path is the ever best system as far as quality. May be there have some other choice in photoshop to drop out image background however they are not utilized while considering those quality output. The clipping path INDIA is not only applying it on sharp edge, but also it applied on soft edges.

This is on the ground that a Clipping Path is the slightest touchy to slips and it is also adaptable inside the picture and brings about a fantastic hard edge. Likewise, it is a Clipping Path works well in blending with picture altering projects for an example- Indesign and Illustrator.

The clipping path India categorized this service on two ways.
     1. Simple clipping path
     2. Complex Clipping path

Simple clipping path: When we make a single path for image that called Simple clipping path like shoes, shirt or pant.

Complex Clipping path: When it’s a combination of multiple paths for different product or color within a single image that is called Complex Clipping path like ornaments, bags.

How The Clipping path India ensure maximum level of clipping path:
The Clipping Path India has experienced graphic designer in Photoshop and Illustrator. Clipping path & masking and have many years of work experience in the graphic design field. We have quality controller who check all pictures one by one and at long last heads off to graphic designer in control who check for the last time before transferring to the client.

  •     100% handmade path
  •     Placed it minimally 2 pixels inside the object.
  •     Made with a maximum amount of anchor points.
  •     Following the natural curves of your object.
  •     Delivered it on transparent or white background – As your requirement
  •     Delivered in quality arrangement with a layer mask, if the original format allows it.

The Clipping Path India

We are always committed our clients to provide quality services of photo editing. We have also high qualified and experienced graphic designers who can manage your job by your direction.

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